To serve the finest American wines for every occasion that demands to be celebrated, savored, and shared.


We developed our portfolio of wines in collaboration with ONEHOPE Wine, a Napa Valley winery that matches a passion for rich, high-quality wines with a cause-driven mission to support leading charitable organizations aligned with our values. By hand-picking the best fruit, vineyards, and wine-makers, we’re able to consistently deliver high-quality wines that make the perfect pairing to a celebratory meal, an evening with friends, a dazzling date night, or just a quiet evening in front of the fire.


At 7 Cellars, we know from experience that it takes a team of professionals giving their all to achieve something great, which is why we’ve selected the best winemakers such as Rob Mondavi, Jr., as well as the pioneers in the wine industry, ONEHOPE Wines. It’s also why we’ve carefully selected our charitable partners, Team Rubicon, to represent the very best of what America can be – proudly supporting our veterans by empowering them to save the world … all over again.